The Road Warrior: Return of the Warlords


The date was January 6th, 2011. It was rainy night in downtown Vancouver, and the music scene was booming. The city had just bid farewell to Roger Waters in a concert deemed ‘a prog-rock spectacle for the ages,’ and Motorhead was gearing up for a show that would surely blow the roof off of the Vogue Theatre. Off the grid, Vancouver’s younger demographic was in full force: private techno parties were popping off all week in undisclosed warehouses, while careless headbangers got they’re rocks off all over the downtown east side. As per usual, I found myself in the heart of darkness: the esteemed Rickshaw Theatre. Wolves in the Throne, a two-piece, environmentally-themed black metal band from Olympia, Washington, were the night’s headliners…

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About Jon Hernandez

Jon Hernandez is a Journalist, Tree Planter, and current student at UBC's Graduate School of Journalism. He holds a Bachelors of Arts from UBC Vancouver, and has worked for such publications as The Region and Sustainability Television. View all posts by Jon Hernandez

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