Monthly Archives: September 2014

176,000 Views and Counting….

Once upon a time, when the Earth was flat and MySpace was king, I produced this video for my high-school infotech class. Extremely satisfied with the end result, I shared the video with an online wrestling forum where it got an extremely limited release to BYW fanboys across the world (not the ideal market, but most users were hopping on the MMA bandwagon that was sweeping the internet). It was met with critical acclaim. Somewhere between now and then, the video slithered its way to MMA forums, various torrent websites, and most importantly, the immortal YouTube:

The video has been praised by many and is often cited as the best Kazushi Sakuraba highlight on the internet, while other, more masculine audiences, criticize both it’s progression and song selection (hey, Five For Fighting certainly isn’t going to please everyone). Regardless, I like to let the video speak for itself. The stats aren’t too bad to look at either. (176,501 views; 712 likes to 16 dislikes). Let’s try to ramp her up to 200,000.

For those who are unfamiliar with the unmatched artistry of Kazushi Sakuraba, please do some research. I’m not going to spoon feed you greatness.