Record Store Day: A Hipster’s Black Friday

Long live the independent record store! Illustration by Brandon Cotter

Long live the independent record store! Illustration by Brandon Cotter

It’s that magical time of the year again where the music aficionados of Vancouver get tostorm the city’s record stores in search of great deals, live shows, and that golden vinyl that’s been evading them for so manyyears. But more importantly, it’s a chance to celebrate the great revival: the resurgence ofthe independent record store, and the unique culture that comes with it.

What most vinyl collectors will agree on is the record store atmosphere: music you’ve never heard spinning off the speakers, walls of pretty album covers that keep you occupied for hours, and a person behind the counter that knows way more about music than you do. In short, walking into these shops and picking up an album is a lot more fun than downloading anything online. And providing this experience is something that many record retailers across the city take pride in. “We’re trying to really celebrate the art, the artistic aspect of record collecting,” says Daniel Geddes, musician and co-founder of Horses Records, one of Vancouver’s newest vinyl shops. “We see records as the best way to listen to and collect music, and that’s one facet of our interest in art in general. The store is a celebration of intellect and creativity.”

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