Genderdog: Taking Baby Steps, One International Tour at a Time

Ben, Katie and Christine form Vancouver's Genderdog. Photo by Jaqueline Manoukian

Ben, Katie and Christine form Vancouver’s Genderdog. Photo by Jaqueline Manoukian

At the magical hour of 5 p.m., on the corner of Hastings and Renfrew, it didn’t take me long to recognize the trio I had never met nor seen, yet was assigned to interview. Christine B., Ben E., and Katie E. walked, or should I say, were dragged towards me by the unofficial mascot for their band Genderdog: a two year old black-and-white pooch named Heffer.

The dog immediately jumped me, contrary to the orders given by his owners, Ben and Katie. The band offered me a beer afterwards, perhaps to make up from Heffer’s enjoyable assault. I carefully contemplated the ethics behind the offer — as a responsible journalist, I surely shouldn’t accept. But every man has a code, and mine would be sorely violated by turning down an ice-cold bevy. I sat down and enjoyed a drink with Genderdog. Getting to know them, and how they formed, was easy.

“I think we were always surrounded by friends who played music in their bands and we just wanted to do it ourselves,” said Katie, bassist and vocalist for the group. “We thought there was no good reason we shouldn’t do it.”

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Jon Hernandez is a Journalist, Tree Planter, and current student at UBC's Graduate School of Journalism. He holds a Bachelors of Arts from UBC Vancouver, and has worked for such publications as The Region and Sustainability Television. View all posts by Jon Hernandez

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