B.C. restaurant helping give cancer the kiss-off with annual BACIO fundraiser


Since opening in 2007, Mangia E Bevi Ristorante has donated over $270,000 to oncology research at BC Children’s Hospital and Lions Gate Hospital. Photo by Rafal Gerszak/Globe and Mail.

When lifelong friends Doug Grisdale, Rob Parrott and Antonio Sauro decided to open a restaurant on the North Shore, they knew that fighting cancer would be on the menu.

Since opening in 2007, their fine-dining restaurant, Mangia E Bevi Ristorante, has donated more than $270,000 to oncology research and treatment at the BC Children’s Hospital and Lions Gate Hospital. The money is generated through their annual fundraiser, Because a Cure is Obtainable – or BACIO, the Italian word for kiss.

The team was inspired to give to the local hospitals after the disease took hold of their loved ones.

“In 2005, Rob’s daughter – she was 7 at the time –[contracted] a brain tumour,” Mr. Grisdale said. “She survived it through treatment at the BC’s Children’s Hospital.”

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