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The Silent Rise of HIV in Chile

VICE News has partnered with the University of British Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism and student journalists from the International Reporting Program for Hidden in Plain Sight: stories of HIV and migration in Chile.

Around the world the number of new HIV cases is steadily dropping.

But in Chile, one of South America’s most prosperous nations, the virus is on the rise. This spike in new cases is affecting some of the country’s most vulnerable populations, including young people, women and indigenous groups.

While authorities claim they are doing what they can to stop the spread of the disease, decisive action has been limited. An estimated 50 per cent of people living with the virus in Chile remain undiagnosed. In December last year, Planned Parenthood International ranked the country’s sex education policy the worst in Latin America.

VICE News correspondent Daniel Hernandez visited the towns in Chile with the highest HIV concentrations, and speaks to activists, medical professionals, and the community at large who have taken the fight against HIV/AIDS into their own hands.

Watch the documentary on VICE News

Read the corresponding print article “HIV is spreading in Chile — and lots of people don’t know they have it” written by my colleagues Peter Mothe, Natalie Walters, Codi Hauka and Konstantine Roccas


Republished on Exclaim: ‘The River, the Road’ (mini-documentary)

Andrew Phelan and Keenan Lawlor of The River and the Road

Andrew Phelan and Keenan Lawlor of The River and the Road

Today (May 12), Vancouver folk rockers the River and the Road are releasing their album Headlights through MapleMusic Records, and for listeners who are interested in learning a little more about the band, they are now the subjects of a 14-minute mini-doc.

The featurette is titled The River, the Road. It follows the Vancouverites to Prince George, BC, for what’s described as “one of their strangest gigs to date”: as the musical act of a Rogers Hometown Hockey event. It features intimate performance footage along with interview clips, and we learn about the band’s history, tour habits, and their struggles to find success as indie musicians.

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